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"Double DBA" - Firestone Walker Brewing Co.


Going to school on the Central Coast, Firestone’s Double Barrel Ale was a staple for those who preferred not to guzzle down gallons of Natty Light with the rest of the hoarde.  It was one of the first craft beers that we ever drank, and it helped to get us started on our beer journey.

When we heard about Double DBA,we were very intrigued, and immediately ran to BevMo to pick some up.  At a mighty 12% ABV, we knew this was going to be an ageable beer so, we picked up a half case to age and taste over time.  We finally had a chance to taste it for the first time last week.


12% ABV

Malts: Premium Two-Row, Maris Otter Pale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate

Hops: Bittering—Magnum; Late Kettle—Styrian Golding, East Kent Golding; Dry Hops—East Kent Golding


Amaretto liqueur reduction with vanilla wafer over poached pear spiced with nutmeg and oak.  Alcohol is present but not hot. Smells sweet with no perceptible hops.


Rusty brown. Thick ropey egg-white head that recedes to thin persistent soapy ring around the glass. Good lacing.


Amaretto liqueur on palatte. Brown sugar sweetness, dates and dark fruits dominate. Malt sweetness balanced with mild bitterness with alcohol present in the background.


Full bodied and viscous with fine champagne-like carbonation and warming alcohol.


F***ing awesome!  We were expecting a beer similar to a barleywine.  It is still a huge beer like a barleywine, but with toned down bitterness and hop profile.  Surprisingly drinkable for such a big beer.  You wouldn’t know that it is 12% until you drink a pint and end up buzzed.
Great to enjoy in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night, paired with chocolate desserts (Charleston Chew’s for us!).

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