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Viking Blod Mead Review


We were out shopping for beer and mead and asked an employee at Holiday Wine Cellars if he had any recommendations for mead.  He pointed out the Viking Blod and said he had never tried it but it was very popular and hard to find (it is imported) and that they didn’t get it in that often so we decided to try it.

It sounded very interesting since it is a hopped and spiced mead, which we had never tried before.  It is spiced with hibiscus and comes in at a mighty 19% ABV.  Supposedly it is based on a recipe from the 1700’s.

Tasting Notes:


Brilliantly clear golden amber color.  Very vinous with legs running down the glass after sips. No head.


Very herbal/medicinal (menthol, eucalyptus), with hints of honey and caramel.  You could smell the presence of alcohol.  No hop aroma present.


Light honey, with citrus, and herbal/medicinal taste, fairly sweet.  There was no hop flavor or bitterness.


Full bodied and thick with a mouth-numbing warming effect probably from the alcohol.  It was totally still.


Our first reaction was not good, as the herbal and medicinal flavors were very unexpected.  However, as we drank more, it grew on us.   Maybe because it was getting us drunk?  We won’t say this is our favorite mead that we would drink very often, but it was not bad and would work well as a winter warmer or as a nice night cap!

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