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BrewBit Prototype v2


After working with the initial prototype we found some issues that needed to be corrected.  We got the new circuit boards in as well as a docking station for the BrewBit to sit in for recharging. 

The BrewBit is keyed so that you cannot dock it backwards.  The charging contacts will only slide in one way.

Here is a before picture of the bare board that will go inside the BrewBit.

We used a laser cut stencil to apply the solder paste to the board and then we hand place the parts.  This process is pretty tedious and takes about an hour or more per board. We are using the green boards around the black one to hold it securely from moving while we place the parts.


After the parts are placed we use a toaster oven to re-flow the solder and secure the parts to the board.  Once that is complete we have the finished board ready for action.

To make sure it was all working we programmed the micro controller with some test code and used a logic analyzer to verify that we could stimulate the different pins on the board.

So far so good!  

We are now in the process of developing the RF (wireless) code so that we can test out that part of the circuit and get it talking to the base station.

After a long weekend of work the assistant brewer thought it was time for a couple cups of tea.  We couldn’t have agreed more!

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